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Researchers Who Built Model To Say Vex Saved A Million Lives Announce Vex Saved A Million Lives

Propagandists Boast Of Finagling Wikipedia: Here's How To Have Wikipedia Revenge

The Great Typo Hunt: My Enemies Insert Errors Into Everything You Believe Is Wrong

We'd Never Be Where We Are Except For Technology -- Coronadoom Update CXII

Prozac & Its Relatives -- Guest Post by Robert Yoho

Merry Christmas

A Visit From St Fauci

Readers Wills Himself To Write And Claim We Have No Free Will

There Is No Wisdom In Crowds: Against Mass Voting

We're Almost Always Right; They're Almost Always Wrong; Yet They're Always Believed --- Coronadoom Update CXI

How The Expertocracy Builds Consensus & You Become A Denier

Summary Against Modern Thought: Jesus & The Nature Of Man

Yet Another Coronadoom Podcast

The Eternal Truth of The Big Bluff -- Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

The Race Doesn't Exist & Only Whites Are Racist Fallacy -- Excerpt from Everything You Believe Is Wrong

Keep Trying The Vax Strategy Until Dissenters Tire Of Showing It Isn't Working

Michael Anton On Identifying Our Cultural Disease's Symptoms & An Attempt At A Diagnosis

Summary Against Modern Thought: Why Jesus Became A Man

Leadership and Depth Control -- Guest Post by James M Andrews

Anon Wants To Give Up On RCIA: Too Many Women, Ignorant Priests, Seeks Advice

The Somebody Might Get Hurt Fallacy -- Excerpt from Everything You Believe Is Wrong

VAERS Shows J&J Vaxed Dying Much Earlier; Pfizer Likely Causing More Life Threatening Injuries In Young

A Review Of The Covid Panic: Starting With Taleb's January 2020 Frenzy & Ending In Our New Concentration Camps

Is The Coronadoom Narrative Crumbling?

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Incarnation Explained

What Australian Bishops Taught Me During The Pandemic -- Guest Post by Oz Catholic

The Ultimate Test Of Lie Detectors

Free First Chapter in Everything You Believe Is Wrong, The Book All Woke Fear

Introducing The Covid Panic & Worry Indexes: Plus What All Cause Deaths Reveal About The Vax

SUV Christmas Parade Massacre A Rare Propaganda Failure

Summary Against Modern Thought: Objections To Faith in the Incarnation

Bleak Friday Deal

The Revolution Is Upon Us -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Unvaxxed Concentration Camps & Forced Jabs For Austrians: Good Or Bad?

Vax Has Slight But Waning Edge In Old But Harms The Young

Summary Against Modern Thought: What The Church Teaches About The Incarnation

Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Open Discussion

Briggs Answers His Mandated Diversity Inclusion & Equity Loyalty Questions

Universities Are Expertocracies In Minature

Why Everything You Believe Is Wrong w/ Dr. WM Briggs -- Podcast

Court Bashes Vax-Or-Starve Dictate; UK Vax Terrible Efficacy Revealed; More -- Coronavirus Update CVI

I Bring You Glad Tidings! Three New Papers Prove (Again) You Can Take Them Off Without Worry

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation XI

Anti-White Caucasian Replacement Theory (CRT) Is The Law

Yellen, Bankers Yellin' 'Bout $150 TRILLION To "Fix" Global Warming

One Book To Rule Them All: Everything You Believe Is Wrong

How We'll Know If The Vax Is Killing Kids -- Coronavirus Update CV

Expertocracy's Information Ministry Will Soon Release Approved Truths List

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation X

Government Dictates Forced Vaccination -- Or Endless Testing And Masks

Evidence The Expertocracy Is Real

You Against The Experts: The War We Are In

CDC Lies To Itself, And You, On Vax Immunity; The Lancet Study Which Shows Vaccination Does Little; More! -- Coronavirus Update CIV

GWPF: How the IPCC Sees What Isn’t There

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation IX

How The Money & Power Grab Of Global Warming (& Other Crises) Works

What Vax Do You Take If You Have A Gun To Your Head From Immoral Idiot Employers? The Vaxs Rated By Side Effects

Grown Scientists See White Men, Scream Eek!

On Excess Deaths & Covid: Could Vaccines Be Upping Totals? -- Coronavirus Update CIII

Regarding the Religious Exemption from the Vaccine Mandate -- Guest Post by John Buckner

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation VIII

Kids Don't Need To Be Vaccinated: Proof Using CDC'S Own Numbers

Heartless Experts, Tearless Tyrants, & Vexatious Vaccine Mandates

Science, Non-science & Propaganda -- Guest Post by Johan Eddebo

Vaccine Efficiency Much Poorer In Real Life Than Promised In Clinical Trials -- Coronavirus Update CII

You Must Worship The State's Religion

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation VII

The Coming Unification Of Science & Religion -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Colonialism Did Some Good & Its Abrupt End Caused Much Harm: The Last Imperialist by Bruce Gilley Reviewed

How We Know For Certain Biden Is Losing It

Vaccines Mandates & Passports Only Exist To Punish & Coerce -- Coronavirus Update CI

Science, Like The Internet, Was Too Good To Last: How Cancel Culture Happens

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation VI

That Fake & Gay Whitehouse Vaccine Photo Op Dissected: Updates

It Was A Situation For Despair: Corruption In The Pharmaceuticals -- Guest Post by Robert Yoho

Why Much Of Science Is Fake

Were There Really That Many Victims Of French Pervert Priests?

Social Pressure To Be Vaxxed Can Be Overwhelming-- Coronavirus Update C

As Predicted, Vexxine Efficacy Shrinks Once Out Of The Hands Of Pharmaceuticals

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation V

More Proof Hypothesis Testing Is Wrong & Why The Predictive Method Is The Only Sane Way To Do Statistics

The New CDC Masks Mandate Study Is Not Good

Spartacus Speaks; Australian Head Knocking; MI Bright Spot; Causes of Death; More! -- Coronavirus Update XCIX

Vaccine "Hesitancy" Is Caused By Hersterics, Tyrants & Midwits

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation IV

The Magic Of Science -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

First There Was Vaccine Passports, Now They Want Carbon Passports

Nine Miles From Zion -- Guest Post by Uncle Mike

Rare Week Of Good News, And Some Bad -- Coronavirus Update XCIV

On The Confirmation Bias Of Experts & Doctors

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation III

The Pope, Ecumenical Patriarch & Archbishop of Canterbury Walk Into A Bar

Dystopian Threats And The Globalisation Of Faiths-- Guest Post by Jaap Hanekamp

The Problem With Ethical Egoism -- Guest Post by The Cranky Professor

Vexxine Side Effects; Vexxine Mandates; Political Panics; More! --- Coronavirus Update XCIII

Covid Hospital Policies Endanger Lives -- Guest Post by Sandy Szwarc

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation II

Ten---Now Twenty---Years On

The "Solutions" They Had Biden Mandate Will Fail

Capitalism Is Dead: Long Live The Expertocracy. Burnham's <em>The Managerial Revolution</em> at 80

That Bangladesh Mask Study Shows AT BEST A Population Seroprevalence Reduction Of 0.0026%, And Likely Smaller: Plus Four New Studies Showing Mask Mandates Are Useless

Zero Covid Holocaust; Delta Waning; Guilt As A Weapon; More! -- Coronavirus Update XCII

Australia Returns To Its Roots -- Willingly, Gratefully & Shaking With Fear

Summary Against Modern Thought: Errors About The Incarnation I

Wigner's Friend Didn't Invite Him To The Party

Case Study In Hersterical Effeminacy: Bad Times Are Coming

Young Anon Seeks Advice On Whether To Become A Mathematician

The Noble Lie and Vexxine Madness -- Coronavirus Update XCI

Why kids should not be wearing masks, and how to calm those who think they should

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Word Becomes Flesh

Sidney Powell & Others Ordered To Reeducation Camps For Daring To Challenge Election (Yes, Really)

The Great Reset And Our Inevitable Expertocracy

Propaganda Masquerading As Climate Science

How Will Experts End The Panic They Created? -- Coronavirus Update XC

Why Experts Hate Racial Differences In Intelligence

End Of Vacation

Brief Notes On Our Expertocracy

Podcast In Which Uncertainty, Especially With Regards To Coronadoom, Is Discussed

Where E Michael Jones And I Disagree -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Race To The Most Stringent Panic Measure; More! --- Coronavirus Update LXXXIX

I'm On Vacation

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Trinity Itself

New Climate Change Report Once Again Promises, As It First Did In 1990, We Only Have A Few Years Left

Racial, Sex, Perversion & Other Quotas Lead To Falling Standards: Current Examples

Wind & Solar Power Are Fake & Gay

Dreaded Delta; Noble Lies In The Name of Science; No Fly List With Mark of the Vex; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXXIII

Shocking Report! Climate Change Will Destroy Us All! Gads!

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Filioque II

Profess Belief In The Science Or Be Arrested For Hate Crimes

Claiming To Be Able To Blame Weather Events On Global Warming

A Call On Doctors To Reject Quackery

Dreaded Delta Bows To Alpha; Cult of Certain Death; Cult of the Mask; Vexxine Effectiveness; Propaganda Bots; Model Insanity; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXXII

New CDC Report Shows How "The Science" Is Done Today: Badly

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Filioque I

A Note On Mathematical Axioms (With Regard To Sizes Of Infinity)

Proof Probability & Statistics & AI Don't Discover Cause

Chimp Out Blamed On Global Cooling

The Five+ Waves Of COVID Explained; Vexxination Tyranny; Why They Stopped Reporting Deaths; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXXI

Media Blames Heatwave On Global Warming: I Say Nope

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity XIV

Merciless Mercy: On The Motu Proprio -- Guest Post by Traditional Priest

The Not So Great Reset -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Vatican II Revolution Eats Its Own -- Guest Post by Richard Greenhorn

Dreaded Delta Surge Explained (Is it the Vexxine?); Cars Killing More Than COVID; Literal Ministries Of Truth; UK Pingdemic; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXX

Blog Mechanics: Ideas Solicited On How To Handle Comments: Update

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity XIII

Models Only Say What They’re Told to Say -- The Paper!

The Culture War Is Nearing Its End

Fink Tries To Slay The Kraken: The Attempt To Sanction Sidney Powell And Others

France Update: VAERS Suggests As Many Kids Dying From Vexxine as Coronadoom; Another Paper Shows Mask Mandates Don't Work; Being Fat Is Bad; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXIX

How To Increase Rats & Tr4nnies

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity XII

If You Can't Say It's Bad, Then Those Who Say It's Good Win

"Thomism" is Invalid: A Proof by Contradiction -- Guest Post by John Kelleher

How Predictive Statistics Can Help Alleviate, But Not Eliminate, The Reproducibility Crisis

Canadian Court Case Calamity; The Dreaded Delta Variant Is A Dud; Masks Don't Work; Euro "Excess" Deaths; Vexxines; Ivormekton; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXVIII

Air Force Eliminates Physical Fitness Standards, NASA Thinks Men Are Women

Happy Fourth of July

We Will Never Really Know What 95 F Feels Like

Hating That Which Is Evil & Fined For It

America Is A Conquered Country Which Flies A Foreign Flag

Fauci Flashback; Vexxine Harms; Conspiracies; Rally Report; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXVII

The Nightmare Of The Woke & The Elimination Of Standards

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity XI

The Nature Of Civil Authority (Government) & Treason -- Guest Post by Oldavid

"Behold! I Have Become A God!" Said The Weightlifter

SCOTUS & The Imposing Your Beliefs Fallacy

Vexxines Killing Kids? Cult Of The Mask; Cult Of The Science; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXVI

Solution To The Kind-Hearted Magician --- REVEALED!

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity X

Juneteenth, A Day In Which We Celebrate The Eternal Victim

On Demonic Knowledge

Whites Aren't Human; Therefore They Can Be Eaten

Boris Says Be A Girl For Great Reset; CDC Counts Vaccinated Differently; Kentucky Court Victory; The New HCQ Paper; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXV

The Kind-Hearted Magician -- Guest Post by Kip Hansen

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity IX

On Having Jewishness---"There Is No Permanent Cure", Says Scholar

Troy 2.0 -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Hung Jury: The Verdict On Uncertainty

Fabulous Fauci Falters; Vexxine Causes Most Harm In Those Least Needing It; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXIV

The Claim 37% Of Heat Deaths Are Caused By Global Warming Is Absurd

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity VIII

The First Cause is a Trinity: No More, No Less -- Guest Post by Oldavid

Reparations Math: Some Notes

Statistics (Philosophy) Quiz: See If You Really Know What You're Doing Using Tests

Pro-Nonreproductive Sex-Like Activities Group Say Poland Has Most Based European Church

Absolute Vs. Relative Risk Reduction; Trump Likes Vaccines; The Fabulous Fauci; Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam Getting Theirs; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXIII

Woman Who Said Women Have Vaginas Attacked By Invasive Species

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity VII

The Toxic Femininity of Hate Speech

Academics Fail To Prove COVID Lockdowns Were Painless and Effective

The Evil Forces Causing Some People To Be Better Than Others

Defending The Canceled Mask Paper; Gain-Of-Lethality Confirmed?; Time We Quit These Updates? -- Coronavirus Update LXXII

The New UFOs Are Obviously Fake

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity VI

Our Coming Murder & Crime Wave

The Coming Spiritual Trial -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Random Means Unknown Cause -- And Nothing More

COVID IS NO LONGER A MAJOR DISEASE; Gain-Of-Lethality Experiments; Vexations; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXXI & Heading To Infinity!

If All Models Only Say What They're Told To Say, Can We Learn From Them? Mask Model Example

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity V

Fat Anorexics; Knife-Happy Doctors; Weak Women Warriors; More! -- Return Of The Week In Doom

Institutionalized Scientists Angry Amateurs Showing Them Up, Demand They Be Stopped

What Sound Does A Duck Make, Doc, When It Calls Men Women?

Universities Are Dead: Let's Bury Their Corpses & Begin Anew

Vexxine Harms , Deaths & Passports; Mask Madness; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXX & Heading To Infinity!

Over-Certainties Of Science, Scientists, Experts, Quacks & Their Models

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity IV

Truth Over Fear Summit: My Talk Is Today

Why We Live Forever

The Awesome Occult Powers Of White Supremacists

You've Heard Of Structural Racism, Now There's Structural Sexism

Cult Of The Mask: List Of Documented Mask Side Effects; Vexed; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXIX

Time For A Science Joke

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity III

Talk About Pseudo-Religious Faith In Models Delayed -- Blog Update

Official Diet Recommendations & Obesity -- Guest Post by Robert Yoho

The Burden Of Proof On Climate Scientists---And Those Wishing For Its "Solutions"

How Will The Killing Begin?

Paper Says Social Distancing Doesn't Work; Lockdowns Don't Work; Deaths At Yearly Low; More -- Coronavirus Update LXIII

Gambler's Fallacy Not As Crazy As Mathematician's Fallacy

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity II

Biden Told To Say No More Meat To Combat Global Cooling

Lying About Structural Racism In Medicine

The Transition To Our Next Panic/Power-Grabbing Scheme -- Earth Day Special Report

Chauvin Sacrificed To What End?

God Catches Cooties From Man; Michigone & Oregone Mull PERMANENT Mask Mandate; More -- Coronavirus Update LXII

God Made Serial Killers, Too

Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity I

Demographic Change Is Key To Democratic Party's Political Ambitions

Wolfgang Smith's Vision Of Oneness -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Looming Decarbocalypse -- Guest Post by Uncle Mike

Climate Attribution Studies Can't Be Trusted -- New Paper

Important New Paper: MASKS DO NOT WORK; CDC Sticking With 6% COVID-Only Deaths; More! -- Coronavirus Update LXI

Man Arrested For Being Father

Summary Against Modern Thought: Yet More Arguments For Christ's Divinity

Breaking: Wind From Tropical Cyclones Cure Hemorrhoids

Two Female Academics Blame Prayer For Women Not Being Men

Blot Out The Sun Say Our Friends & Benefactors, The Scientists

White House Backing Down On Vaccine Passports: Beginning Of The End Of The Panic?

One World Government To End All Pandemics; The Canceling Of John Ioannidis; More! -- Coronavirus Update LX

How A Science Becomes THE Science

Happy Easter!

Sadly, Coronadoom Is Not The 2020 Leading Cause Of Death

Pundits Praise Satan Shoes & Demonic Dances

We Know Our Son Is Our Daughter: A Mini-Play In One Act

The Replacement Of Christianity With Neo-Pagan State Cults

Vaccine Passports, Weeping CDC Lady & More! -- Coronavirus Update LIX

Normalising (Self-Willed) Loneliness: Vladimir Solovyov's Antichrist and the Emerging Globalist Society -- Guest Post by Jaap Hanekamp

Summary Against Modern Thought: More Proof Christ Is God

Do Most People Enter Philosophy Already Atheist?

Do We Want To Save Women's Sports From Men Pretending To Be Women?

The Humiliation Of Equality

The Bishops Have Failed Us: Here Is What We Do-- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Variant Panic & Lady Hormones Given To Men -- Coronavirus Update LVIII

Japan Surrenders To Globohomo

Summary Against Modern Thought: Refuting Arius

Fathers, Covid & The Woke Tyranny -- Guest Post by Jim Fedako

Military Launches Attack On Molecules! Look Out Climate Change, They're Coming After You

Harvard Tries To Blame The Coronadoom On Climate Change

Vatican Nixes Gay Unions: The Usual Meltdown Ensues

Has The Surrender To Reality Begun? -- Coronavirus Update LVII

Not Speaking Out Against "Racism" Will Now Get You Canned

Summary Against Modern Thought: Arius's Opinion On The Divinity Of Christ

Support Ricky Vaughn & Other Based Political Dissidents

US Army Attacks! ... It's Own Citizens In Propaganda Blitz

Woke Meat Is Coming: Roast Cockroach & Other Impossible Delicacies

Patrick Coffin Show: How You Can Tell They’re Lying About Covid---Dr. William M. Briggs

CDC Flashes Its Wee P At Us In Thin Effort To Uphold The Cult of the Mask: Coronavirus Update LVI

The Expansion-Team Effect Guarantees A Plague Of Experts

Summary Against Modern Thought: Refuting Sabellius On The Divinity Of Christ

South Dakota Tour In The Time Of Coronadoom -- Guest Post by Richard Greenhorn

Why Simple Models Are Better Than Complex In Finance, Climate, Coronadoom & More

Cognitive Bayes & Rationality: Why Theoretical Explanations Charging People With Conspiracy Theories Fails

Vaccine Efficacy, Vaccine Tyranny & Lockdown Lawlessness: Coronavirus Update LV

Debased Political Rag The Lancet Blames Poor Health On Trump & (You Guessed It) White Supremacy

Summary Against Modern Thought: Refuting Protius

QWERTY Propaganda Works: Almost 18% of Gen Z Have Fallen Into Sexual Fantasy

Equality Will Lead Us To Our Doom

Try To Be Less White, You Racists

A Simple Proof Mathematics Is Discovered And Not Invented

Model Moronicity, The Mask god & Cuomo's Cut Throat--- Coronavirus Update LIV

Officially Denounced As A Dangerous Climate & Coronadoom Rogue!

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Son Of God Is God

Nice Chest Feeders, Baby

The Navy Becomes Woke

Dear Quacks & Experts: Your Loss Function Is Not Our Loss Function

Is A Material Bearer of Consciousness Intelligible? Part 2 -- Guest Post by The Cranky Professor

Mask - Model - Medication - Mass Hysteria -- Coronavirus Update LIII

Why (Scott Alexander's) Bayesian Rationality Fails

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Son Of God

The Big Slide: A Short History of the Decline and Fall of the USA -- Guest Post by Uncle Mike

Lindell Comes Up Short In His Absolute Proof

Diversity Is Our Weakness: Families, Spies & Colleges Edition

The Military Purges And The Oligarchy

Infections Drop! Experts Baffled! -- Coronavirus Update LII

Is "We Told You So" A Good Post Title For The Election "Fortification" Admissions?

Summary Against Modern Thought: The Place of Revelation

The Journals' Sins Are The Editors' Sins -- Guest Post by Robert Yoho

Do Our Elites Believe The End Is Near? -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Safety Is The Slow Death

Classical Statistics Has Outlived Its Usefulness: Here's The Fix

Mask Me, Darling---Why We Know Masks Don't Work: Coronavirus Update LI

Deniers & Conspiracy Theorists Disbelieve In Official COVID Science Because Of Faulty Brains

Summary Against Modern Thought: On Predestination

Rise Of The Oligarchy

Another Demonstration Of The Harm Of Academic Philosophers

Ricky Vaughn Chased Down By FBI, Arrested For Thoughtcrime Of Posting Satirical Memes

Brian Cox Proves Why Scientists Should Never Be Asked Questions About The Soul

WHO PCR Test False Positive Fiasco: Coronavirus Update L

Disproving Kossin's Increasing Hurricane Intensity Claims: Update -- Guest Post by Greg Kent

Summary Against Modern Thought: God Is Not The Cause Of Sin

California Coronadoom Experts: You're Too Stupid To Understand. Just Behave

Biden: Globohomo On The March!

It's Mourning In America

Congress Arresting People For Sedition, Questioning Government

Vaccine Side Effects, Inefficiencies & Corporate Greed: Coronavirus Upate XLIX

Visual Proof Our Coronadoom Rulers Are Idiots

Summary Against Modern Thought: God Leaves Some In Sin

Last Word On The Election (For Now) -- With Bonus Podcast!

The Fallen King: What To Do? -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

How Whiteness Arises From Critical Race Theorists Decrying Measurement White Supremacist

The New Based Right

UK Madness Level Turned To 11: Coronavirus Upate XLVIII

Support Those Who Contested The Election

Summary Against Modern Thought: Without Grace, You Cannot Avoid Sin

It Becomes President Kamala Because...

First Right Podcast with Yours Truly

We Fought The Good Fight And We Lost---This Battle.

The End Of The Steal? Update With Pence's Letter of Surrender

Those Exposed To Disease To Be Thrown In Jail For 90 Days, Given Forced Treatment Says Proposed NY Law: Coronavirus Update XLVII

Why Corporations Are Woke

Summary Against Modern Thought: You're Responsible To Turn Toward God

How'd We Do On Our 2020 Predicitons?

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