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How’d We Do On Our 2022 Predictions?

Researchers Claim Google Searches For Suicide Increase When Bills Banning Men From Women's Showers Are Proposed: Here's Why They're Wrong

I Never Received About 15% Of Your Emails

Why, Yes, The Regime Did Manipulate Coronadoom News & Had Critics Canceled

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How Do We Know It’s A Miracle?

Three New Hilarious Papers On The Coronadoom Vaccine

The American Medical Association Is A Menace

Coronadoom Research Reaching Levels Of Asininity Never Thought Possible

The Horrible Discrimination Of Not Allowing 16 Years Olds To Vote

Russia’s Separation From The West — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

On Fixing Broken Science: Podcast With Tom Nelson

ChatGPT, AI, Bias & Models Doing What They Are Told

The Great Global Warming---A.K.A. "Climate Change"---A.K.A. "Climate Emergency"---Post!

The Elite’s Plan For A No-Car Society — Guest Post by the Blonde Bombshell

Free Will in Covenantal Moral Theology -- Guest Post by John Kelleher

Reader Experiences With Bad Medical & Finance Models

Lucrative New Medical Specialty Emerging: Purposely Killing Patients

How Do You Know If An Experiment Works? Or, Yet Another Argument Against P-values

The Appalling Scientism Of "Follow The Science!"

Why The Continuing Appeal Of The Appeal To Non-Authority Fallacy?

Researchers Claim “Climate Change” Causes Currency Vulnerability: An Instance Of Forgotten Uncertainties

What Is A Model?

Dutch Regime To Seize Private Land Because Of Faux Nitrogen Crisis - A Brutal Example Of The Science

It Takes Just As Much Free Will To Punish As To Do Wrong

Aella Girl's Curious Spinning Circle Results: Why Do The Probabilities Match The Bets?

Old Lodge Skins’ Prayer Of Thanksgiving

More Standards Brutally Gutted, Left To Bleed Out In Dark Alleys: LSATs Dropped Because Diversity

What Limits Do Experts Have? EPA and Carbon Dioxide as “Pollution”

What Do You Get When You Marry Stochastic Terrorism With Hypocrisy?

Distrust In Democrats Is Anti-Science: Funniest Science Paper Of The Year

Science: Force Kids To Mask To Defeat Systemic Racism

Regime Scientists: Every Place On Earth Warming Faster Than Every Other Place On Earth

Regime Desperate To Promote “Climate Change” Claims “Climate Change” Worse Than Cancer

We Have Become A National Of Book Burners

Another Reason For Broken Science: Citation Indexes

Academics Argue: (1) Do Not Save Drowning Children Because Meat, (2) Food Will Destroy The Planet

Election Open Thread: We Did It To Ourselves Again

Those Who Brought Us Covid & Its "Solutions" Must Be Punished: They Won't Be

Voting In Democracies Causes Discord, Increases Strife & Causes Divisions

What Is Science?

UPDATE: Everything We Warned About Official Disinformation Requiring Official Truths Was True

How Bad Science Becomes The Science: Climate & Public Health Example

How Nonsense Masquerades As Science: Climate "Code Red" Example

Best Defense When The Not-So-Secret Police Use AI To Claim You Are The Anonymous Tweeter

Reader Question: Probability is not real in the sense that real life things are real

Nature's Pretend History Of "Racism" In Science

The Broken Science Initiative: Two Introductory Videos

Why School Boards Ignore Parents: Or, How The Expertocracy Works

Noodle-Armed Chemists Demand Science DIE Harder

CDC Panel Unanimously Recommends Truth Be Damned: Kids & The Coronadoom Vex

All Those Warnings About Models Are True: Researchers Given Same Data Come To Huge Number Of Conflicting Findings

The Disparagement Of Epidemiology

ESG Scores Are A Grift

The Five Main Reasons Science Is Broken

Voting Causes Suspicion & Distrust

Scientism Is Gnosticism

PayPal To Begin Stealing Users' Money For Spreading "Hate", "Misinformation": Donor Favor Asked

Surprised Again! The Covid Crisis and the New Market Bubble Reviewed at Law & Liberty

The Dutch Nitrogen "Crisis" Explained -- Jaap Hanekamp Interview

More On How Peer Review Generates And Maintains Consensuses

Blinded By Science

Peer Review & The Continuous Formation Of The Expertocracy

Official Truth Generation Update

Should You Join The Military?

Why “The Science” Settled On “Carbon”

How The Increase In Saints Shows The Decrease In Quality Science

The Meta-Fallacy: The Mother Of All Fallacies

Take This Quiz And Learn If Should You Be A Racist!

The Pandemic Is Over, Biden Said. No! We Need It, Experts Said

Why Principal Component Analysis Ain't All That

The Bizarre, And Really Quite Hilarious, Belief In Male & Female Equality

The Greatest Reset Movie -- In Which Yours Truly Has A Cameo

The Non-Wisdom Of Crowds And Voting

The Regime's Compulsion To Scientific Lunacy Explained (Partly)

The Real Sin Of The Expertocracy With Covid

Do We Join In The Insanity, Withdraw, Or Fix It?

How I Became A Renegade Scientist

Self Hating Whites The Cause Of Much Grief

Ask A Scientific Ethicist: Drunk Ex Husband, Hungry Girlfriend

Banning Gas Cars To Virtually Eliminate Virgin Sacrifices To Gaia In California

Vex-Caused Deaths In The UK

You, Dear Reader, Are An Extremist

Coronadoom Update: Why Are Masks & Models Believed?

How Will You Know If Your Black Doctor Specializes In Diversity?

With Painted Nails, Toxic Femininity Squeezes Science

Why Woke? Because It's Easy

FBI Lied To Facebook, Twitter, Etc. & Created Official Truths For Them To Define As "Disinformation"

The Federal Takeover Of Colleges Through Paying Off Student Loans

The Difference Between Variability & Uncertainty In Risk

Scientists Now Insist Sun Rises In The West

There Is No Climate Emergency: So Say Us All

"If Uncle Sam ever gets whipped, here, too, it will be an inside job."

Malthus's Proof That Welfare Leads To Increasing Need For Welfare Reexamined

Researchers: Living Under The Sin-Of-Pride Flag Produces Flashbacks To Noah's Flood

Why The Regime Insists Party Members Lie

Sabine Hossenfelder Tries, Using Free Will, To Explain She Doesn't Have Free Will

The Fall Of A Culture In One Minute Ten Seconds

The Model That Dutch Rulers Rely On To Claim There Is A Nitrogen "Crisis" Has No Skill

National Science Foundation: White Scientists Superior To Black & Asian Scientists

Who In The Regime Ordered The FBI To Raid Trump's Home?

National Science Foundation: White Scientists Superior To Black & Asian Scientists

Science Goes Down Canada's Glory Hole: Government Coronadoom Model Claims Government Is Awesome

Experts: Not Showing Ads Leads To 94,867 Fewer Cases Of Obesity In London

"Leading" Economists Ask The Government To Spend More Money On The Rich

Top Scientists Plead For Someone To Calculate The Probability Of The End Of The World

The CDC Lists Of Official Truths: Magnetic Vaccines Example

The MIT Dahn Yoga Brain Respiration Experiment: How Belief In Failed Theories Persists

How Does One Bring Oneself To Say "The Mortality Cost of Carbon"?

How Many People Are Dying & Of What These Days

How Many Digits Do You Report? A Surprising Answer

"No Convincing Evidence That Depression Is Associated With, Or Caused By, Lower Serotonin Concentrations Or Activity"

Why The "Climate Emergency"?

San Francisco Proves Asians Are Horribly Racist To Blacks

A People’s History of COVID-19

Probability is Logic

Climate Change Now Causes People To Become Angry At LGBTQWERTies

The Cry Of The Fat Scientists

The Six Kinds Of "Climate Deniers", As Defined By Experts

On Experts, The Dutch Nitrogen "Crisis", Coronadoom & More! -- Podcast

Turns Out The Vex Likely Caused Myocarditis & Pericarditis After All

The Common Cause In All Reproducibility Crises

How Expertism & The Woke Spreads In Science

Why Do You Believe Masks Work?

Protesting The Non-Crisis Nitrogen "Crisis" In The Netherlands

Elena Kagan's Blind Love Of The Expertocracy: SCOTUS Slaps The EPA

Top 10 Fireworks Safety First! Tips

Chinese Experts & Zero Covid "Solutions"

May I See Your ID?

Spurious Correlations Proves Hypothesis Testing Should Be Abandoned

The Mann Act: Banning All Fossil Fuels Immediately To Save The Planet

In Which We Answer The Pressing Question: Is Science Growing Stupider?

A Secret Facet Of The Woke Identified!

David Stove Exposes Karl Popper's Wee P!

Scientists & Rulers Responsible For Nitwits Killing Themselves Over Climate Anxiety

How Saying "Food Production Battered By Climate Change" Illustrates The Corruption Of The merican Regime

How To Generate Massive Scientific Over-Certainty With These Four Simple Tricks

AI Ethics

The Horrible Predictions Of Climate Change

Some Curious Recent Incidents In "Our" Democracy

Vexxing 1-4 Year Olds & The Impenetrable Mystery Of The Young Suddenly And Unexpectedly Dying

Debunking Prebunking & Other Disinformation Scams

Why Dembski's Design Inference (Of Causation) Goes Wrong

Get Ready For Women Mathematicians To Win Many Awards!

Why You Don't Have To Worry About Climate Change: Multiplication Of Uncertainties

Racism Is Rational

I'm Gonna Do Some Epistemic Violence All Over His Posterior

Safety First! & School Shootings

Yuval Noah Harari's Bad Argument About AI Ruling The World

The Tale of Chief Harry Kidder

Please Don't Go To College -- American Greatness

Lancet Says 1 in 6 Worldwide Deaths by Pollution: 67% More Than Coronadoom

Twitter Likes & Impact Factors Are Equivalent

The WHO and The Loss Of Sovereignty: How It Happens, How It's Not Unusual

Briggs On The Steel On Steel Podcast Discussing Official Disinformation (which requires Official Truths), The WHO, OEJ, ETC

RAND & Army Show How "The Science" Is Done In Trying To Prove Women The Equal Of Men

More On Why Falsifiability Is Not Interesting

Behind The Scenes At NASA's LGBTQ+ Scientist Of The Year Award

Global Warming To Create Cold Which Will Cause Mass Extinctions

Ukraine, Russia & The Orient Express -- Guest Post by Ianto Watt

What Would You Call This Style Of Bad Writing?

The Threat Of President Meghan Markle Demands We Revisit Goodwin's Anti-Suffrage Arguments

We Get An I-Told-You-So On The J&J Vax

Making Climate Skepticism Illegal

Two Ruth Sent Us Angry Women Invade A Catholic Church: A Vision

The Step Back Shuffle Problem In The Origin Of Life

There Are No Such Things As 100-Year Floods: Global Warming Isn't Making Floods Worse

"Let Us Kill! Let Us Kill!" The Left Chants As Justice Alito Smiles On

The Disinformation Governance Board Was Conceived After The 2016 Meme Wars: It Was Formed To Stop Trump 2.0

Case Study Of A Coronadoom Panic: How It Starts, Builds & How It Ends

Let's Catch Up On Racial Pandering

New Scientific AI Computer Model Shows Experts Should Be Launched Into Space

Will Musk Buying Twitter Lead The Regime To Retaliate?

Pinheads To Create Official Ministry Of Truth: Climate "Disinformation" To Be Banned

Case Study Of How Conservatives Surrender: Douthat & Men Who Think They're Women

New Effort To Fix Universities Just Dropped

Judge Recognizes Failed Its CDC's Burden To Provide Proof On Masks

Can It Be A Syn Not To Love The Climate?

The Science Of Fake News & Disinformation

The Vex As A Pinch Of Incense

White Males Must Be Removed From Mathematics By Decolonization, Say Academics

What's Really Going On With China's Coronadoom Policy?

Will The Catholic Church Change After German Prelates Say Sodomy Justified By Love?

Efforts At Officially Defining Scientific Disinformation Continue

Emergence Cannot Explain Intelligence

Transfallacies -- Common Fallacies Used To Justify Transsexualism

Science Says Global Warming To Cause More Heart Attacks At Night, But Only For Crazy Men 60-64.

How People Think Their False Ideas Are True

The Difference In Means & Why P-Values Should Not Be Used

Army To Lower Women's Pay, Keep Men's Higher Pay

How To Generate Scientific Over-Certainty

Black Woman SCOTUS Nominee, Who Is A Black Woman, Doesn't Know What A Woman Is

How Zealots Rise To The Top: Global Warming & Transanity Examples

The Empire Of Lies & The Wars Started By False Flags

Will There Be Any Academic Refuges In A Woke Purity Spiral?

On Computing The Number Of The Beast

Curious Notions Of Cause In Science & Statistics

Massive Over-Certainties In Medicine

How Academic Psychology Affects Brains Of Academic Psychologists Studying How Climate Change Affects Brains

How Belief In Equality Destroys Intellect, Ruins Thought & Leads To Madness

I Have The Power To Slay With Words

Do You Like Gladiators?

Cursed Are The Fear Mongers

Probabilities For Unique Events, Like Nuclear War, Exists

Pfizer Adverse Events List Released: Plus An Update Of VAERS Analysis: J&J Deaths, Pfizer Injuries Younger

The Hierarchy Of Intelligences & IQ

Journal Editors Demand Authors Provide Race, Gender

The Last (Regular) Coronadoom Update!

How Models Are Being Used & Abused In Science

Bertrand's Paradox -- Solved!

Canada Votes To Continue Martial Law, Even As Elsewhere Rulers Signal Their Desire to Move On

Diversity Oaths In Physics Grants Becoming More Common

Solutions & Lessons From The Trudeau Tyranny

Harvard Demonstrates How Not To Do Science In New Self-Confirming Mask Paper

Physicists Trying To Show God Not Necessary Prove God Is Necessary

Canada Becomes A Dictatorship; Elsewhere, Freedom Seeps In

Why Do Conservatives Want WWIII So Badly?

Climate Hersteria On The Increase

How to Spot Fallacies

Bad News: Doctors Say Synodality Raging Out Of Control Among German Priests

The Official Regime Coronadoom Narrative Has Taken A Series Of Vicious Body Blows

Joe Rogan Flap Proves That If There Is Dis- and Misinformation, There Must Be A Ministry Of Truth

Why You Shouldn't Trust Epidemiologists

Let's Look At All Cause Deaths Again

Take This Fun Political Quiz Inspired By Canadian Truckers

Experts - Trust Them! - Discover Coronadoom Misinformation Causes Depressive Symptoms

Celebrity Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks

Why No Panic In The Similar 1957-58 Pandemic?

How Much Longer Until The Woke Take Over?

The Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something Fallacy

CDC Data: Up To 90% Or More Of Americans Already Infected

Celebrating The Court's Common Sense

Science Is Not The Answer

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