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All Jacked Up — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

It’s So Over: Immigration

New Zealand Vaccine Data: Possible Injuries & Misleading Signals

Quick Post Today: New Zealand Vax Data Analysis In Progress: Your Ideas?

Trust In Science Drops: Good

Mark Steyn Vs. The Appalling Michael Mann — Guest Post by Richard Law

Forget Lie Detectors: Use This New Book — Guest Post by Kent Clizbe (Title by Briggs)

Coal Dust Is Claimed To Kill Old People: A New Instance of the Epidemiologist Fallacy

Can You Get A Singularity When AI = Automated Instructions?

Hate Is Good: Laws Which Ban “Hate” Speech Are Bad: Ireland’s New “Hate” Laws Are Tyrannical

Worst Science Fiction of All Time

Old Lodge Skins’ Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Humpty Dumpty Takes On The Sports Illustrated Curse — Guest Post by Jim Fedako

What Makes A Casino Gamble Different Than Making A Decision Under Uncertainty?

The Statistics Of Stopping Power

Refereeing Models Which Ask Us To “Follow The Science!”

How Our Dictator Arrives: Surfing On A Wave Of Paperwork — Review of the Forgotten ‘The Law of Longer Life’ by Parkinson & Le Compte

Sex With Dogs & Other Critters Back In Vogue, Thanks To Academic Peter Singer

A Brief History Of The Palestine Grievance — Comments by the Late Glubb Pasha

Abortion Is Only The Symptom: Here Is The Disease

Decolonizing Science: Every Decolonizer Is A Liar

Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime

The Politics Of Prudence by Russel Kirk Reissued — And Reviewed

The Field Of Statistics Is Doomed — Unless It Abandons Testing & Parameter-Based Analysis

Russia’s View Of Itself In The World: Sobornost — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Regime’s New De Facto “AI” Law And The End Of Pattern Recognition

What Scientists Know That Ain’t So

What Is a Model of a Model of a Model? “Climate Change”!

Outsourcing Our Protection Made Us Weak

Here’s How They Say Conservatives Are Destroying Science

First Look At The FBI Crime Stats For 2022: I Don’t Even Have To Explain Per Capita

Physicist Discovers He Has No Free Will: Chooses To Write Book To Say He Cannot Make Choices

Experts Addle Kids’ Minds Over “Climate Change”

New Paper Claiming Biological Sex A Fiction Has Normie Academics Pretending To Be Shocked

Shifty Unscrupulous Sanctimonious Judge Sentences Douglas Mackey To 7 Months Prison For Making Anti-Regime Jokes

Science As Salvation?

DIE From The Sky! Or, New Meaning To The Wild Blue Yonder

The World’s Best 100% Guaranteed Unpredictable Perfect Random Number Generator

Over-Certainties In Global Estimates of Vaccine Efficacy

The Biological Reason Why America Meddles In So Many Conflicts Around The World

Australian Feminists & Katharine Hayhoe Weep Over White Men Who Do Not Love “Climate Change”

The Insularity Of Experts: Why You Don’t Matter

How Many Times Must You Shoot To Be 95% Sure Of Hitting Your Target At Least Once?

Our Next — And Last — President, Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom

The Vatican’s New Exhortation On “Climate Change” Has Many Errors

Social Justice Fallacies by Thomas Sowell Reviewed

The Greatest Scientific Experiment Of All Time!

Rest In Peace Ye Olde Statistician

Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong With “Climate Change” Science

The Many Troubles With Science: A Conversation With Jaap Hanekamp About Our Upcoming Book

The Time Is Now For It To Be Now. Again.

The Deadly Rise Of The Science Enforcers

Experts: Everybody In Europe Died From Breathing Toxic Air

All—As In All—Of The “Climate Change Made This Event More Likely” Claims Are False

The Closer To REALITY, The Closer To Reality

Weeping & Gnashing Of Teeth From Our Paper Saying “Climate Change” Not A Big Deal

Curse Of The Enlightenment: All Of Its Axioms Are False, Yet We Believe Them All

The Probability Of A Head In A Coin Flip Is 1, Not 1/2

Experts want to take uteruses out of women and put them into men

Apple Threatens World Destruction! “It is our aim to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere”

Truths Labeled Medical Misinformation, Falsities Called Official Truths

Modern The Science & The Unpersoning Of Evidence

The Great Grand Bluff Of Science

Experts: Take The Children, Make Them Gay, The Parents Should Not, Have A Say

Women In Science Expose Their Climate Grief

Proof That Scientists Are Model Blind Discovered In Claim One Billion Will Die From “Climate Change”

Warming in Terms of Human and Natural Factors

The Undead Woke Army

Somebody Might Get`Hurt!

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Big Muscles: Experts Know Best

Stars In Our Eyes, Rotting Our Minds

The Many Horrors, Unintended Consequences & Undesirabilities Of Voting

I’m An Expert: I Must Be Right

Ad Hominem, My Sweet: The Fallacy That Usually Isn’t

Be Damned To Your Masks & Your Idiot Moronic Effeminate Fear

The So’s Yer Old Man Fallacy

The Most Common Fallacies Our Enemies Use

People Of No Color Compel The Very Heavens To Obey!

N.S. Lyons On The Shape & Trajectory Of The Expertocracy

Scientists Use The Double-Dog Epidemiologist Fallacy To Claim Breathing Induces Antibiotic Resistance

Climate Propaganda Doing A Magnificent Job, Pew Confirms

What Happened At An Academic Expert Disinformation Summit

Crazy Eddie’s Craziest Scams

Soy Boy vs Moi Boi & The Fate Of Russia — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Mask Forever, Says Experts’ Model, It Saves Lives!

Does Admitting Spengler’s End Of Science Mean We Have To Accept Ways Of Knowing?

The Cultural Event Of The Year! Or, What I Did On My Summer Vacation

How To Discover Any Trend You Want In Climate Time Series

How Smoothing Time Series Generates Massive Over-Certainty

Signal + Noise vs. Signal: Don't Make This Classic Mistake

The Ugly Unreality Of The Homogenization Of Time Series

Do not smooth times series, you hockey puck!

Over-Certainty Is One Of The Main Causes Of Bad Science: Brain Volume & IQ Example

People Enjoy The Expertocracy Filling The Gaps Left By Christianity’s Exit

Belief In “Spiritual Entities” Falls

National Association of Scholars: Is Science Broken? (Make a guess!)

Forecast: Massive Increase In “Climate Change” Propaganda On Its Way

Excess Deaths "Attributed To Heat And Cold"

Reviewed: The Great Awakening Vs The Great Reset by Alexander Dugin

Blish & Spengler On The End Science

Reconciling Mike Flynn & Fr Ripperger On Evolution: Creation or Completion of New Essences?

Climate The Science Causes Blindness

The Broken Science Initiative Podcast Has Commenced!

Russia’s Patience, Russia’s Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

On Breaking Climate Records -- And Not Panicking

The Worst Attempt To Defend Scientism I Ever Heard

There Is No Such Thing As A Fair Coin

Why Universities Are Still Shrieking In Hersterical Fear & Mandating Student Vaccination

Congress Mandated Experts Design Plan To Block The Sun — And Kill Us All

The Randomized In Randomized Controlled Trials Is Pure Superstition; Bad Magic

Happy Fourth of July

The Supreme Court Should Have Allowed ALL Free Association

How I Will Use Michigan’s New Law That Criminalizes Making Hersterical Women And Effeminate Men Feel Bad

A Partial Solution For The Replication Crisis In Economics

(Yet Another) New Paper Proves There Is No Nitrogen “Crisis” In The Netherlands

How Can A Man Who Loses A Race Be Called The Winner & What Does This Have To Do With Science?

If We Cannot Reject Woke Premises (Like Equality), We Must Suffer Their Logical Conclusions

How People Come To Believe Something As Stupid As Male & Female Equality

Academics Say Morality Isn’t Decreasing, But The Increasing Numbers Who Say It Is Decreasing Cause Morality To Decrease

End All Formal Science Journals & Papers

There Is No Difference Between A Proposal, Hypothesis, Model, Theory or Law

The Simple Math That Proves Our Worship Of Victims Must Cause Our Doom

Briggs You Tool! UFOs Are Real & Driven By Top Secret American Pilots, Insists Reader

Academics Fear People.They Study Them & Wish They Could Shut Them Up

What The Law Of Large Numbers Really Means

Briggs's Best Broken Science Blast

The Regime Makes Its Move: Federal Power Pre-Fortified -- Forever?

Experts’ Plans To Push European Citizens Into Poverty To Save The Planet — Guest Post by Jaap Hanekamp

Insurance Isn’t Insurance & Why It’s All So Crazy

Disinterested Audits Of All Scientific Theories Must Be Mandatory & Routine

“AI Will Kill Us All!” Say People Programming AI To Kill Us All

How Do Scientists & Soothsayers Know When They’re Right? Report on Fourth Broken Science Initiative Event

John Kerry To Peasants: Die, To Save The Planet

Welcome To Pride In The Ability To Masturbate Into The Rectum Of Another Month

The Only Way To Avoid Illegal Discrimination Is To Illegally Discriminate

On Ford Restoring & Saving AM Radio

Made Glorious Summer By This Sun Of North

It Will Soon Be Impossible For You Not To Be Sick, Even If You’re Healthy

Did The Covid Vax, Or Any Vax, Cause ADHD or Autism? Steve Kirsch’s Survey Data Analyzed

You Do Not Hate Rulers, Elites, Experts & The Media Enough

The Taboos & Magical Beliefs Of Primitives And Science

Briggs You Fool! A Reader Attempts To Rebut Arguments Against Morality, Eternity

Experts: The Coronadoom Vax Only Worked If You Got It At Lunch

Why Do Experts Lie About Something They Call Carbon “Pollution”?

The Beginnings Of The Expertocracy (a.k.a. Managerial Society) Starts With Napoleon

What Magic Tells Us About Propaganda & The End Of The Coronadoom Panic

Science Is Self-Perpetuating, Not Self-Correcting: Sea Ice Case Study

Bring Back Global Warming — Guest Post by Richard Law

What New Laws Criminalizing “Hate Speech” Really Mean

The I Have Ascended Beyond Fallacy

What To Do About Black Crime?

More On The Tyranny Of Experts: CDC & Banning Driving

If You Had To Choose “Ignore Or Believe All Academics On Climate Change”, Which Is Smarter?

Doctors At NEJM Release Important New Statement: Do Not Get Sick

How The Laws Of Physics Lie

On Why That “In Defense of Merit in Science” Paper Will Fail In Its Worthy Goal

The Less You Know About Climate, The More You Cry About Climate

The Inexorable Increase In The Expertocracy: Examples

Why The Inexorable Increase In The Expertocracy: Examples

There Is No Problem Of Old Evidence In Bayesian Probability

What Are Your Best Theories For Carlson, Bongino, Lemon Firings?

Virtue Signaling Proves Why Science Is Broken

Resetting Global Agriculture: The Destructive Road to Dystopia — Guest Post by Jaap Hanekamp

How An AI-Machine Learning-Physics-Sociological-Whatever Model Can Be Good For One Man & Bad For Another

The Woke’s Nice Book Burnings & The Absence Of Violence

Why Science Is Broken: Hillsdale Speech Video & Transcript Now Online

Do We Need Philosophy, Or Can Science Replace It?


Report On Hillsdale Broken Science Speech — Videos To Come

Join me on Notes

Nothing Has A Probability: Roulette Wheel Pays Off

Is AI Really Able To Probe Your Brain & See The Image You’re Thinking Of?

The Multiverse Hides The Problem It Was Supposed To Solve, And Calls It Solved

Happy Easter!

Join the Science Is Not The Answer Chat

Emergence Comes From Nowhere, Does Nothing, Goes Nowhere, But Still Becomes Theory

Broken Science Talks Now Online

Young Winston Smith Attends His Company’s Emergency DIE Training

What’s The Difference Between Explanation & Prediction?

Experts: Stop Us Before We Let AI Become Aware & Kill Us All!

Jokes Against The Regime Now A Crime: Douglass Mackey, A.K.A. Ricky Vaughn, Convicted

What If There Were TransRays?

Modulation of Ice Ages – Without CO2 — Guest Post by Ralph Ellis

Lawyers Seek To Add Stock Of Lawyer Jokes By Demanding Oil Companies Be Prosecuted For Homicide

Bringing Order To Disordered Views Of Entropy

Why The Many Worlds (Multiverse) Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics Is Wrong: A New Objection

The Easter Egg: A Coding Story — Guest Post by Jim Fedako

Meet The Experts Defining Official Disinformation & Official Truths

Pandering To Blacks Contest Sees San Francisco Take Commanding Lead

An Instance Of How “The Science” Is Produced: Gender Equality Edition

Woke Definition: A Stubborn And Hostile Denial Of Reality

The Western Empire Is Mor(t)ally Wounded — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Upcoming Hillsdale Talk, 11 April: Philosophy & Broken Science

The Ersatz Nitrogen Crisis or Delusional Expertocracy and the Destruction of Dutch Agriculture — Guest Post by Jaap Hanekamp

Chinese Researchers Announce Kids Raised By “Sexual Minority” Parents Do Better Than Normal Kids

Support The Proposed 28th Amendment To The Constitution Of The Once United States

Leighton Smith Podcast: Everything You Believe Is Wrong

Wait! Don’t Hit The Off Switch! You’ll Cause An AI Holocaust!

Researchers Who Accept Regime Funding Should Disclose Their Conflict Of Interest

"Excess" Deaths, Vaccines, Iatrogenic & Other Causes Of Death

Release The Variant! — Rulers Used Disinformation To Frighten You Into Complying With Failed Harmful “Solutions”

How To Guarantee There Will Be A Perpetual “Climate Emergency”

Climate Change & Gun Violence Research — A Mini-Play In One Act

Super Truth-Seeing Mutant Beings Walk Among Us!

Pope Benedict’s Final Testament On How Science Cannot Destroy Faith

The Reason Why Much Science Is Broken: Every Use Of P-Values Is A Logical Fallacy

The Spirit Has Left Us

The University of Michigan Longhouse Requires Students To Be Vaxxed Again & Again & Again & …

The Entity Labeled Yuval Noah Hariri Speaks To His Entity Followers

Those "Let's Converse" Emails, Messages Are Spam

Do Not Follow The Science: Rationing Your Food For “Climate Change” Edition

Report On The First Public Broken Science Event

What’s Your Ideas Why Science Is Broken?

Do Not Get Sick

Systemic Vice Signaling Destroying Science: Fewer Animals Found In Cities, Hence “Racism”

The Church of England Announces New Holy Trinity: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

Our Latest Panic: The UFOs, Or Whatever, They’re “Shooting Down”

What Do Anti-White Whites Get From Hating Whites?

How Naughty Researchers Learn To Imply Cause, Though Unproved, Has Been Discovered

On The Logical Probability Of The Truth Of Mathematical Theorems

ChatGPT Only Says What It Was Told To Say

What The Theory Of Elite Overproduction Misses

Science Writer Miraculously Escapes Ravages Of Evolution

Broken Science Initiative Event — 18 February, Phoenix

What Can You Replace P-Values & Hypothesis Testing With, Especially When Computing Sample Sizes?

It Was Always Clear Masks Don't Work In Stopping Respiratory Viruses

Coronadoom Misinformation Model Says What It Was Told To Say

How To Gamble If You Must

Pfizer’s Gain-Of-Lethality Research Sting: Clown-World Contagion Comedy

We Put Some Uncomfortable Questions To Those Who Say There Is A Dutch Nitrogen “Crisis”

The Woke Will Never Let Us Go: Comments On Anton's Secession Dialogue

What Are All The Uses To Which (So-Called) Random Numbers Are Put?

Women Firemen To Be Allowed To Battle Fires With Feelings In Connecticut

All Sportsball Players Must Wear A Crucifix During Lent

The Great Climate Anxiety Grift

Paid Subscriptions Turned On - But All Posts Will Remain Free

The Only Argument Against P-Values You Will Ever Need

Bad Ideas Never Die: Why They’ll Still Come For Gas Stoves — Guest Post by Otto Moibul

The Many Ways The Vaccination Seat-Belt Analogy Fails

The Logic Of Global Warming, A.K.A. Climate Crisis, Propaganda

Panel Of Scientists To Vote On Official Disinformation, Official Truths

What Comanche Medicine Tells Us About Modern Medical Science

Regime Now Coming For Your Gas Stove. Yes, Really. They "Cause" Asthma

Paul Ehrlich Confirms Science's Negative Expansion Team Effect & Peer Review

Is This The Dumbest Coronadoom Paper?

What The Sports Illustrated Curse Says About The Reproducibility Crisis

Every Time You See "Random" Swap It With "Unpredictable"

The Most Politically Incorrect, Unwokeist Article You Will Ever Read

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