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The frustration for me is the utter lack of interest in the medical community in exploring the possibility that vaccines (including COVID) cause harm or autism or ADHD. It’s like the science is “settled” or something...

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I'm a humble and proud supporter of this here author and professor Wm. M. Briggs.

I thank you for this analysis.

I want to point out that autism has no scientific definition, as far as I know. It is a clinical opinion of a psychiatrist. There is no "objective" test at all.

Professor Briggs, isn't that a huge problem or is just my wild imagination?

I mean, there are a lot of people who suffer some obvious form of brain damage. No one has described what the damage is, exactly or as exactly as natural sciences allows, and no one know what causes it, what is the mechanism or anything.

There are believable claims of recovery, even full recovery, following what used to be called "alternative" medicine. But officially, as it always happen, if a person does something unorthodox and unauthorized by the commies, then the patient never had autism and it was a misdiagnosis. Same happens with cancer, sclerosis, lupus, Lyme disease, AIDS, etc.

Official diseases cannot be officially cured, at all, ever, no matter what.

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It would be nice if journalists picked up on the limitations of the data behind medical stories like you have. Refreshing approach.

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Thank you for this analysis.

Additional considerations:

"About 18% of parents who reported 0 total shots also reported any condition;..."

--But the survey didn't count the Vitamin K shot as a vaccine. In at least some of these cases, the Vitamin K shot is what caused the condition.

"About 1.5% of parents reported the child was no longer alive (i.e. dead) also reported 0 total shots"

---Again, was the Vitamin K shot counted

---Also, cases of miscarriage (unborn child) died due to a mother's vaccine. Or vaccinated mother's breast milk killed the newborn (we've seen cases like this). Or child born with lethal defects due to mother's vaccine.

The vaccine could be direct cause of child's death even if child was not the one who received the vaccine.

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That was refreshing to read.

Kirsch's "surveys" look like data collection to me. Already 25 years ago, when I was still a renegade "academic," I used to tell my students never to participate in "surveys," because their unpredictability was probably their last means to retain a bit of freedom, because those in power must leave some extra room for it, when implementing more and more restrictions.

Did anyone check out the cyclical damage reported to VAERS that indicated cooperation among manufacturers?


While it's next to impossible to prove ANY long-term effect of ANYTHING, which includes "vaccines," it is easy to substantiate that "vaccines" cause only harm.

Petitions are strikingly similar, because they confirm criminal systems and add data to the central collection about "public opinion" and generate a list of dissenters.

Only people with little or no self-esteem and a lot of naivete find it attractive to fill out surveys or petitions, because they believe their opinion counts and they want to be important. Degenerate busybodies are another brand of the same flock, I guess.

"Expertise" is weaponized by compartmentalization that even "experts" fail to notice. The myth of "science" is a bad joke itself:


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This is what I find troubling about Steve Kirsch's approach. He makes claims such as:

"Two verifiable anecdotes are the mathematical proof that vaccines cause SIDS and autism".

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Hello William,

" P-values and hypothesis tests should die, and should never be used under any circumstance." I agree wholeheartedly. I've been pushing this sentiment for decades. As you indicated in your above presentation it falls on deaf ears. Oh well, we try.

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"For at least a century, since science became a profession, academics have reacted to intelligent criticisms of cherished theories in the same way as apes when deprived of bananas."

In some case, this is a pun (intended or otherwise). But I digress.

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Thank you for performing this work,and carefuly explaining it.

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What causes holes in the blood/brain barrier? Does ultrasound cause harm to the fetus? Random questions from a lay person who no longer vaccinates myself or my dog.

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Very thorough and thoughtful piece. I was a bit shaken to learn I have multiple mothers!

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I'm still looking for this data. For data that's supposed to be publicly available it's sure hidden well. If anyone has a link I would appreciate it.

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Hey Dr. Briggs,

I am writing an article on the "pandemic situation" in the USA and am looking for someone to review my methods. If you could imagine doing something like that (for pay) please drop a line to me@pervaers.com

EDIT: Check my most recent notes to get an idea of what it's about.

Thank you for your work!

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Another confounding factor could be that parents (mothers, let's face it) who vaccinate their kids to a degree higher than is now normal are much more likely to be neurotic messes, and therefore more likely to take their children to the doctor for minor illnesses even outside of vaccination visits and to see illness where there is none.

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I've been participating in a discussion of this survey on the facebook group Vaccine Talk. Would you object if I posted a link to this analysis. I think you did an excellent job of explaining both the issues of a survey conducted in this manner and what it can tell us. I can't post until tomorrow morning as I'm currently muted. Thanks.

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